StanceWorks 2012: My Year in Photos

With 2013 upon us, and more ahead of us than ever before, Andrew and I have once again taken the chance to look back on the past twelve months to see where we’ve come from and where the year has taken us. The past year has taken us to places we had previously only dreamed of going, ranging from factories and paddocks to garages and secluded parking lots for the perfect photo shoot location. 2013 is sure to be bigger and better in every way; here’s to my own most memorable moments and photos from 2012 and the path that brought us here.

2012 began with a bang: our collaboration with HRE Wheels brought about the all-new yet remarkably familiar Vintage Series. The first set made, a set of 454 Lamborghini-inspired wheels, graced the unique Liberty Walk Murcielago. Featuring air suspension and perfect fitment, it’s arguably one of the few supercars to really pique my interest. The photo set stands as my favorite to date.

The HRE 454 on the Liberty Walk Lamborghini

The same week, I traveled to Seattle where I shot Nic Foster’s E21. A long time friend of my own and of StanceWorks, Nic and his wife Stephanie have built a “crowd favorite.” The build reflects the effort, attitude, and determination the two put forth, and goes to show what hard work can create. The fully-restored Sepang Bronze beauty will be back again, this time with all new suspension and goodies under the hood.

Nic Foster’s BMW E21

2012 led Andrew and I to meet a large number of people; some from the corners of the world, and others in our own back yard. I met Ryan Worthington here in Los Angeles, where we got together to shoot his beautiful Audi A4. As the sun set behind the smoggy L.A. skyline, the back-and-forth shop banter between Ryan and myself was reassuring as to why we do what we do.

Ryan Worthington’s Audi A4

This year also brought the launch of our current website layout – a change for the better that helped solidify our position in the industry. With the launch of the new site came a studio-shot feature of Kyle Ranauro’s unique S14. The chance to step into a different environment where the setting is pure and lighting is artificial puts Kyle’s shoot as one of my favorites of the year.

Kyle Ranauro’s S14

We returned to Formula Drift for 2012, picking up with Round 1 on the streets of Long Beach, California. The big names were back, some with new cars, others with familiar machines. The action held throughout the entire season, coming down to the final race. The smoke was as welcomed as ever, and the crowd-packed paddocks showed that Formula Drift continues to grow.

Formula Drift: Round 1

The following weekend marked the biggest for StanceWorks in 2012. We joined BMW Team RLL for Round 2 of the American Le Mans Series, where we learned the ins-and-outs of Team Rahal Letterman Lanigan and continued on with them in their chase for the championship. We traveled from Long Beach to Ohio, and even Laguna Seca. The twin M3s raced well all season long, and we’re eager to welcome the new Z4 GTEs in 2013 and to continue shooting with Team RLL and BMW.

BMW Team RLL and StanceWorks Take On Long Beach

Up in the hills of Monterey, California, Andrew and I took the chance to shoot Adam Woodhams’s 1957 Chevy Pickup. The sun pierced through the Northern-Californian trees and accentuated the flat red hot-rod paint, allowing it to blend with the hues of the sky and stand out agains the shade of the foliage. Throughout 2012, the content of StanceWorks has broadened to anything and everything that grabs our attention as car enthusiasts, and Adam’s truck is no different.

Adam Woodhams’s ’57 Chevy

As summer began, we happened upon a unique opportunity: the chance to visit, examine, and explore the one-of-a-kind collection of a true BMW enthusiast. From the rarest engines to the rarest of chassis, the Collector had it all. As our most successful article to date, our afternoon with the collection and the stories that were shared stand out as one of the best moments of the year. To see that others appreciate content such as this has helped solidify the changing direction of StanceWorks.

The Collector: BMW History Preserved

Every year, we make the trip to Helen, GA for one of the best annual shows – Southern Worthersee. As one of the few yearly chances to spend time with friends and one of the best times to unveil projects after winter slumber, Jonathan Braswell brought out his long-awaited BMW E35 535i. An under-loved chassis executed to perfection, and built with his own hands, this E34 will remain relevant for much time to come.

Jonathan Braswell’s BMW E34

Our weekend at the Monterey Motorsports Reunion was easily our most anticipated of the year. Three full days were spent beside some of racing’s biggest legends, and the article that came from my experience stands as my favorite of 2012. As racing’s greats such as the Porsche 935 and the BMW M1 tore through the world-famous corkscrew, I sat struggling between awe and shooting photos.

The Love of Motorsport: The Rolex Monterey Motorsport Reunion

Our travels with BMW Team RLL took us to Columbus, Ohio, to the RLL headquarters. There, BMW of North America’s vintage collection is stored, maintained, and prepared for race days. We spent a week with the collection, shooting each car one-on-one. From the PTG E36 to Nelson Piquet’s McLaren F1 Le Mans car, we had a chance to see it all.


The race at Monterey brought me up-close-and-personal to one of the most important cars in racing history: the Bugatti Type 35. The unrestored beauty stands as a personal favorite. The earned patina stood out in a paddock of pristine vintage racers, and the opportunity to photograph it was truly spectatular.

Nathanael Greene’s 1925 Bugatti Type 35

And lastly, to round out 2012, Amir’s Porsche 911S. The wonderfully unique car represent much of what StanceWorks is about. The chance to tell Amir’s story and the photos that transpired concluded 2012 on a perfect note.  There’s much more ahead, and I’m confident that 2013 will be StanceWorks’s best year yet. Here’s to a new year worth sharing.


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