The StanceWorks Open House – 2019

Just over a week ago, we hosted our second Open House at the StanceWorks Headquarters, as a celebration of sorts for 10 years of automotive content and community. As the fourth “major” event we’ve hosted at the shop (PRE/GRID and our Open Houses, for those counting), it surpassed any and all expectations. With a start time of 11:00AM, the lot was full before the event had a chance to begin. Cars of all sorts arrived, from 911s and M3s, to NSXs and Starlets; everything was well-represented and proudly on display.

Hundreds arrived to see the shop and celebrate with us, helping to remind and cement the reasons why we do what we do. 10 long years of hard work have paid off, and have helped to steer the community in a positive direction. I’m sure the offer of free pizza didn’t hurt, but chances are the incredible weather and sense of community played the largest roles.

A genuine thank-you to everyone who joined us, and thank you to everyone for their respect of our lot and street. We’re eager to host again, perhaps at the end of summer, so keep your eyes peeled for another announcement, and we hope to see you all there! Enjoy the rest of these photos by the talented Keith Ross, and don’t miss the next one!


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