New StanceWorks shirts from The Lowly Gentlemen

The sun is setting later in the day, temperatures are rising, and nights are being spent prepping our cars for the season’s shows. It’s summer, and with that comes a new pair of StanceWorks shirts from the Lowly Gentlemen studio. Printed on the same great quality shirts that you’ve come to expect from us here at the Lowly Gentlemen, each shirt offers a design that embodies the philosophy that is practiced at StanceWorks.

The Low Lifestyle mantra is one that StanceWorks has been living by since its foundation in 2009. It’s a phrase that speaks to years of oily residue, metal shavings, rust, and rubber… Hours upon hours spent in the garage working well into the midnight hours. Things are chopped, welded, bent, and fabricated in search of the perfect stance. The StanceWorks LowLife tee embodies that lifestyle with a hotrod car club aesthetic befitting of the passion that lies behind those work filled nights.

Inspired by the old SCCA shirts found out on the warm tarmac of autocross courses in the ’80s, the StanceWorks SWCA shirt offers a contemporary rendition of a classic automotive enthusiast shirt. The off-register print, vintage colors, and hand-drawn typography lend a unique and old feel to the StanceWorks apparel line from the Lowly Gentlemen.

We’ve also restocked the classic designs you know and love from the past Lowly Gentlemen seasons. From the blueprint wheel sketches to the vintage race car designs, the Lowly Gentlemen store inventory is back and available for your summer wardrobe.

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