Tailored: Seattle

Not only was Tailored our first event held in the NorthWest, but it was also our first trip to that part of the country, and we must say we thoroughly enjoyed it.

In case you missed it, we hosted an event in Seattle with big help of Mike Tolliver and Dave Meister. They helped organize and operate the show and we’re overly pleased with the turnout.


We’ve always pushed the idea that car shows are just as much about seeing old friends and making new ones as it is about the cars themselves. The turnout for the weekend was great given that this was a first for us. We definitely look forward to hosting another event in the PNW, and it couldn’t be soon enough, as we already miss our Northern family.

The quality of cars in attendance was fantastic, with makes and models covering the entire board. There was certainly something for everyone to enjoy. As always, wheel choices were great, my favorite being the BBSs above. The white tire lettering is making a comeback and I love it.

Slowly but surely more and more cars are showing up on air and the everlasting static-vs-air debate is slowly dwindling, but you can always count on guys like Elliot Olson to remind you that some guys take it one step further than the rest.

We held an air limbo which was great fun, but as always, the static Miatas won after all of the bagged cars had their chance. The winning Miatas both piled countless attendees in every bit of available space just to gain that extra 1/8th inch of drop.

Several show-goers dressed up for the event including our own Ben Terry. A tailored Hugo Boss suit, Hermes tie, and our Lowly Gentlemen Driving Gloves which will be available soon, he was dressed to impress.

My favorite car at the show the infamous Corona wagon. I had no idea it was a PNW car, so I was pleasantly shocked to see it in person. It’s got all of the great small details I was hoping for, and the 1JZ hit close to home. But it was only one of countless great cars at the show.

Thanks to everyone who came out and I hope a good time was had by all. We’ll have to come back to the NorthWest before too long.


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