Golden Hour

So it’s March going into April out in Orange County, California. Supposedly it’s considered the rainy season…. yeah, we can’t tell. Andrew and I have been out here for a little over 3 weeks now, and we are still in denial that we get to call this our new home. Part of the greatness about being in sunny SoCal, is that we get to see a bunch of our close friends on a regular basis… and some of them just happen to have amazingly badass machines.

One such friend is Charles Truong, with his freshly painted Lexus GS. We were all hanging out this past saturday, and decided to utilize a private community we had access to up in the hills of NewPort Coast.

To say that the neighborhood was “scenic” was putting it mildly.

The GS is running a set of 20″ VIP Modular VXS-210’s with raw aluminum centers and polished step lips. VIP Modular has been doing some exciting stuff in the works, which we will be sharing later this week.

A quick glance would indicate that Charles made these wheels fit under the stock fenders. However, there is nothing stock about them. Kennedy over at Platinum VIP did full metal flares in the rear to give the necessary clearance for the VXS-210’s, while still seamlessly keeping the body lines of the GS. The paint is another detail not to be missed… Obsidian Black with depth that makes you want to dive right into the hood, and it only took 12 months to obtain this exquisite look!

Overall, it was just such a refreshing day to hang out with good friends and just enjoy the beautiful scenery that we get to call our new home. “Surreal” doesn’t even begin to describe the sensation, but hopefully this last photo gives a slight indication as to what it’s like.

Expect to see more from Charles as we have some exciting collaborations in store.


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