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  • nine-deuce Jetta

    Bought this in september of 2008 right before turning 18.

    Immediately started wrenching on it

    The car had many apparent problems, and many other things were broke and I didn't even know about them (actually the whole car was trashed). So this is what I've done to it since buying the car.

    First thing to do was to fix the floors. My seat was rocking under acceleration since the base was rusted.

    That was not por-15, its actually shitty undercoating, and now its coming off, so I'll have to redo them this summer.

    The I encountered cooling issues. I ripped everything apart and replaced all the cooling parts. I also cleaned the bay...

    Oh yeah, ready to hit the rainy summer of '09 with blown rear shocks, amongst other things

    Blown shocks = buy coils.

    We all know racelands ride like crap with helpers and full height bumpstops. I cut those and removed the helpers. It gave this:

    Threw my seats from my old '89 Wolfsburg in the car.

    I also have the backs in.

    Autumn '09, the 325000km old 1.8l was showing its age. Valve seat were shot and one night it started bucking violently and having a lot of issues. Got myself one of those 2 liters from a mk3 golf with about 150 000 km on it. Also installed a single round front end.

    Now that part sucked. I had the engine in and everything. It would start but not run properly. I replaced every possible sensor but no cigar. I spent the whole winter/spring swapping the damn motor and I couldn't drive it. I finally took it to a shop in the middle of summer, it happened to be a loose injector plug, so it would only fuel 3 cylinders.

    Summer of '10, I got myself 185/55/14 federals, repainted steelies, painted manifold to match the seats, vented front brakes and a eurosport exhaust.

    This winter I replaced all of the rear brakes. Everything was either blown, seized or rusted beyond recognition.

    I decided I wanted to go lower. Montreal has such beautiful roads to do this kind of stuff.

    I had to pack more heat. Got a pan.

    And steel checkerplate

    And paint

    I wanted to run 15's this summer, but I got a deal on 16x7 and 16x8 Porsche 7 slots instead.

    Test fit

    Plan is to run a 35mm adapter all around, giving me a 17mm offset in the back for a slight poke and a 30mm offset in the front for some tuck. I already have cut fenders in front, I'll roll the backs and clearance shouldn't be a problem. Falken 512's in 205/40 are in the plan too. Since the wheels are slightly dinged and curbed, I'll probably paint them in light silver.
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    dude oil pan is legit
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      Pan is mint.
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        i love this, keep it going
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          Awesome so far, good to see another calypso green!
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            so awesome! I want too steal your idea on the oil pan!

            are you on JJ by any chance? your car looks familiar.
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              Car = bad ass.

              Dunno about the round lights on a Jetta...personal preference I suppose.


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                Sweet pan! And great car/wheels!!

                But please swith back to jetta headlights, sooo much better looking!


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                  looks so damn nice on those stockers! looking forward to seeing it on the porker wheels


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                    awesome build. good luck with it.
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                      I love MK2's. Nice work on that oil pan, I need to do something with mine too

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                        hell yeah this car is looking good. i really like the color.


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                          porsche rims are gonna look killer. keep up the good work.


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                            nice rims!

                            cheers from fellow montrealer

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                              looking good man cant wait to see the wheels mounted!