Aesthetics – Timo Hollwedel’s Porsche 993 911 – Photography by Mike Crawat

The soft, rolling lines of Porsche’s 993-generation 911 are as distinct as they are undefined. While the 911 has always worn curves, the defining shapes found in the 964 were no more come 1994 when the last aircooled 911 hit the market. The 4th generation car has since earned itself a special place in 911 history for an abundance of reasons, but today, we appreciate its aesthetics. Timo Hollwedel’s 993 is a perfect demonstration of why the largest changes to the 911 up and to that point make it, perhaps, my favorite of all. Clad in Guard’s Red, as all 911s should be, Timo’s example oozes ’90s style, complete with BBS LMs and all the trimmings.


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