Lessons Learned – Alex von Ostrowski’s Porsche 964 C4 Carrera

Photography by Mike Crawat

It’s clear, by any measure, that the Porsche 911 carries a distinctive draw; car enthusiasts of all walks have found themselves enamored by its truly one-of-a-kind looks, characteristics, and drivability. After all, even I will say, it is the definitive sports car of sports cars. Alex von Ostrowski shares a similar level of enthusiasm: following a hiatus from cars as a whole, it was the 911 that brought him back into the fray.

Alex admits that cars have always played a huge role in his life. His early years were spent in mechanic training, followed by stints working for BMW, Volkswagen, and Audi, to name a few. He’s always found himself tinkering in the garage; however, his passion for two-wheeled speed has always carried more weight than his enthusiasm for four. “Motorcycle racing has always been more important to me,” he says forthrightly. Alex is a man who knows what he likes and is strong in his convictions, or at least it seems.

It was that 911 allure, though. Thoughts of a 964 or a 993 Turbo plagued his every thought, and in time, he found himself on the hunt. 993 Turbos are formidably rare, and after having one snatched out from under him in a sale-gone-awry, he turned his focus to the 964 platform exclusively. The car he eventually landed on came from France, and at first glance, it seemed like a dream come true: it was a turbo-style car with the haunches Alex yearned for.

Unfortunately, for better or worse, Alex didn’t do his homework. Chances are, it’s a feeling and sentiment familiar to a lot of us: you find something that excites you, and with cash-in-hand, you make an impulse purchase, only to find out later that maybe it wasn’t quite the right move. It happens a lot in the world of cars… perhaps one buys an example with the less-than-desirable engine variant, or one with the single-year transmission that likes to explode. Or, like in Alex’s case, one buys a car with bodywork that isn’t correct for the car.

The 964’s wide rear arches looked ideal when paired with Alex’s naivety, but after finding out that the arches were sourced from a G-body car — the previous generation of 911 — and Alex admits that Porsche connoisseurs are quick to point out the error. Alex was still wet behind the ears when he dove head-first into 911 ownership, and quickly found himself with a car he began to question.

Nevertheless, Alex made lemonade from lemons, and embraced the odd-ball car he found himself with. Without hesitation, he began the rest of the buildout, beginning with Air Lift Performance suspension and management. With the newfound ability to lay the 911 out, stuffing the wide G-body arches full of wheel and tire was the next step, for which he turned to Rotiform for a set of DNO split wheels for their “heritage” aesthetic. The wheel and tire package was built to the brim, filling the rear fenders, as well as the pulled front arches and leaving no room to spare.

The car made its way to Worthersee, but the car’s shortcomings have manifested in ways that have pushed Alex to the edge. Leaking door seals, a bad sunroof, an ill-fitting roll bar, a lack of HVAC, and more have turned him towards a total teardown, and now, the car sits, prepped and waiting for its next state of affairs. The conundrum, though, is deciding what’s to come. In due time, we’ll see it, but until then, we can simply enjoy looking at the lessons Alex has learned.


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