The Crawat Files – A 356 for Aircooled Lovers

There’s no doubt that every 911 owner is tired of the “beetle” jokes, especially when it comes to aircooled variants.  While the original Volkswagen and the 911 do share some similarities, especially in their earliest counterparts, it’s disingenuous at best, and annoying at worst. Or so I’m told by my 911-owning friends that I often call Beetles. I’ll apologize now, too, because I’m about to make yet another Porsche-to-Volkswagen comparison, although a bit more fitting due to the nature of the 356 when compared to the original Type 1. For the car at hand, the traditional aircooled beetle formula has been applied, and excellently so. Hovering just above the ground and tucking enormous wheels, there’s a certain special flavor about this machine that celebrates its aircooled roots, at least in a counter-culture aesthetic sense. Enjoy the latest shoot from Mike Crawat. 


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