Driving Line Driver Battles: EF Civic vs. 325i E30 BMW

In the 90s and early 2000s, the car world was defined by shootouts. The newsstands were littered with sports car comparison challenges and marques fought their place in the “Top 5” rankings of each year. 911s, Corvettes, and M3s ran through paces, testing their specs with hopes set on earning that year’s premier sports car designation. In the tuner realm, we turned to time attack and togue battles on DVD where the latest hot hatch build fought its way through the mountains or race course with a professional driver at the realm. It feels as if the comparisons have been lost their prevalence as the digital world made its way into our industry, but thankfully our friends at Driving Line have re-initiated it with their series of Driver Battles.
In this episode, our friend Geoff T. brings a E30 325i head to head with Duane’s Honda Civic in an age old battle of RWD vs. FWD and Euro vs. JDM. Click and enjoy a shootout just like the old days!



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