Aesthetics – Al Arciero’s 1958 Lister Chevy Knobbly

Discovered in a barn in 2003 as a nearly stripped chassis, this ’58 Lister was what most might consider “total rubbish.” Initially fitted with a Jaguar engine in 1961, it was blown up during testing at Willow Springs, bringing the car’s career to a quick and concise end. It was whisked away to storage, where it sat and was stripped, contributing parts to other cars over the decades, steadily heading towards its own demise. Al Arciero discovered the car in 2003, and after three years, finally made the purchase and began the process of restoration. The Lister has returned to its former glory, sporting a 358ci Scarab Chevy V8, a handbuilt body, and unparalleled lines. An all-aluminum chassis and body combined with 415 horsepower make it quite the beast to tame, and the raw bodywork reveals every ounce of character this unique car possesses.


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