Synth Drive: Keith Ross’s 1977 280Z – A Film by Jared Houston

Two weeks ago, we were proud to unveil Keith Ross’s latest build: a Datsun 280Z unlike any other. Now, the talented Jared Houston shows off his latest work: a video featuring Keith’s creation. Utilizing a soundtrack from TimeCop1983, and paired with stunning visuals, it’s likely to be the best clip you’ve seen in some time. With such a subject, it’s hard to go wrong, but it takes a special eye to do so right. You can, of course, see more of Jared Houston’s work on his Vimeo channel, on Instagram: @JaredBHouston, or on his website, You can see more of Keith’s car in our last feature by clicking here.


SynthDrive | Keith Ross’s 1977 Datsun 280Z from Jared Houston on Vimeo.



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