Sound Reasoning – The Bavsound F80 M3

It was more than a decade ago, in 2004, that three young BMW fanatics turned their attention to their car’s stereo system. Their 1998 Titanium Silver M3 was, like most BMWs, in desperate need of audio attention. Even now, BMW’s reputation isn’t built upon the quality of their sound systems, and as an integral part of the driving experience, especially if it’s meant to be the ultimate driving machine, car stereo upgrades are essential. As the car audio installer at Circuit City, Jason Seaver, along with friends Micah and Coby Cranman, was familiar with the project that lie ahead of them, with Jason having installed hundreds upon hundreds of car stereo systems throughout the years. Perhaps it was the drying fiberglass resin from this particular project that got to their heads, or maybe it was simple ingenuity; after building a sub enclosure for the BMW coupe, the boys were struck with the realization that BMW audio upgrades should be, above all else, easy. And with that simple idea, Bavsound was born.

Today, twelve years later, Bavsound stands as the premier brand in audio for cars bearing a roundel. Offered now as a dealer-upgrade for all audio packages, and carried through respected names like Dinan, it’s safe to say the trio has made some waves. The business has grown, and substantially so in the past couple of years, bringing forth new employees, opportunities, and most exciting of all, project cars.

It was around this time last year that an order was placed: a BMW Individual-package F80 M3 to be delivered in Messing Metallic, a color that straddles the spectrum between green, grey, and brown, depending on the light. Inside, the M3 sports a Nutmeg Brown interior, clad with white Ash Woodgrain trim. The resulting car is truly one of a kind, and its purpose is well served… after more than a decade, Bavsound was in need of a true product demo vehicle.

In just a handful of months since the car was delivered, the M3 has already amassed a staggering 21,000 miles. With JK, the company’s dealer rep behind the wheel, the M3 has travelled the country, showcasing the Bavsound product to dealerships across the United States. It is, of course, fitted with the Bavsound Stage 1 plug-and-play speaker upgrade kit, and the Ghost Underseat Subwoofer package. This of course gives JK the chance to share Bavsound’s speaker upgrades for customers and dealers, and for many, a unique M3 fitted with the company product would be more than adequate for company promotion. However, Operations Manager, Jeremy Whittle, known to StanceWorks readers for a handful of beautiful builds, suggested a bit of flair was necessary.

For starters, the car was fitted by the Bavsound crew with a number of BMW’s “M Performance” components. A front lip and rear diffuser add some aggression to the nose and tail of the car, and a set of M4 side sills were adapted by IND to fit on the M3 sedan, which, all together, take the car from “mild” to flashy in the best of ways. The M Performance trunk spoiler and mirror caps finish out most of the exterior detailing, and IND also provided color-matched reflector delete panels, helping to sleeken the profile of the car. To finish out the M Performance parts, BMW’s Titanium Valve Exhaust system was fitted to the car for added sound and style.

Next, the team turned to wheels, opting for some rather atypical styling. Although related in design, the front wheels differ substantially from the rear. 19×10-inch HRE 501Ms surround the M3’s brakes in the front, and 19×11 501 Classics, assembled with titanium hardware, are mounted out back. 275/30/19 and 295/30/19 tires wrap the front and rear respectively, and all four wheels are finished in a matching brushed surface and coated in a dark tinted clearcoat. The idea behind the mismatch? A subtle knod towards the classic race cars that bore turbo fan in the front, and exposed mesh in the rear.

For ride quality and height, the M3 was fitted with a set of H&R Coilovers, shipped over directly from Germany just in time for the car’s debut at Bimmerfest 2016. The ride has been stiffened in a sport-minded sense, giving the car improved handling characteristics with no sacrifice to comfort. It was imperative to JK, whom, as the car’s driver, is rapidly heading towards more than 40,000 miles driven in its first year of ownership, that the ride quality and comfort not be compromised.

The M3 was taken yet another small step further, with EAS coding to unlock several euro functions of the car, such as taking full advantage of the LED headlights, in particular – functional changes that add to the driving experience. As perhaps one of the most driven F80 M3s on the streets, it’s changes like these that make all the difference. And now, with the M3 dialed in, it continues to rack up miles, showing off what Bavsound does best. We hope, through their latest build, that the idea of stereos and sound systems make a comeback as an integral part of a complete build. Once upon a time, “trunk setups” were all but required on the checklist of the best builds. These days, It doesn’t have to be flashy, or even seen… but there’s something to be said for a good soundtrack to the ultimate drive.




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