The Daily Grind – Summer’s Here

We’re now one full week into summer, and we can confidently say we’ve all been waiting for it. The sun stays high in the sky, the nights are warm, and for most of the country, the inclement weather is finally at bay. For all of us, it’s finally time to enjoy our cars. That is, of course, unless you’re one of the lucky ones here in California where we enjoy our cars all year long. Nevertheless, we’re glad the rest of the country is ready to join us.

Projects at the SW|HQ are always underway – sometimes for the better and other times for the worse. While we can proudly say this is the first Daily Grind that doesn’t introduce a new vehicle to the StanceWorks fleet, unfortunately, we don’t get to offer any major project updates either.  However, the StanceWorks Parts Car E28 has been on track quite regularly, which has, of course, been a blast. After some recent tuning and adjustments to the H&R coilovers and sway bars, the car is handling better than ever – much more planted that with its previous setup. A new driver’s seat mount thanks to VAC Motorsports also helped to refine the drive itself, leading to the car feeling the best it ever has.

We did fit new 225/45/17 Nitto NT01 rubbers underneath it too, which dramatically changed the handling characteristics as well. We’ve been eager to put them to the test, and within hours of fitting them to the car, we had them on track, doing what they do best. They offered a new level of audible feedback, which helped to find the limit and keep the car there. We’re eager to put them to work once again.

Of course, a track day means some serious cleanup following, so we spent some time removing grease, grime, rubber, and bugs from the vinyl wrap on the E28. It’s one of the many situations in which we’ve been thankful Turtle Wax sent us lots of their Bug & Tar Remover.


We managed to get our spring cleaning out of the way earlier this year, but as is standard here at the StanceWorks shop, there’s always more room for cleanup, inside the shop and out. Emily got to work this weekend cleaning up her 128i, after some summer fun has done its best to dirty it up. Some Turtle Wax M.A.X. Power Car Wash in our electric pressure washer did the trick.

Back inside the shop, things have also been progressing on the StanceWorks FJ60. The 6.0 LS engine swap is all wrapped up; she runs and drives beautifully. It’s all down to sorting out the little things before she’s ready for its first big road trip next month.

There’s also Andrew’s Mini, Rusty, and several other cars that are all waiting for attention too… but that seem standard here at the StanceWorks garage. At this rate, maybe we’ll have a better update with the next daily grind, once fall is upon us… but we’ll do our best to bring some exciting news sooner. Until then…


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