Better With Age – Keith Ross’s 1966 Volvo Amazon

Some owners make it hard on me. I wait patiently while owners button up the last few finishing touches before I’m able to share their work with the world. Many times, after wheels receive their final polish and offsets are perfected, a StanceWorks photo shoot captures the car at its best for its well deserved feature. But some times, for owners such as Keith, things don’t stop there. Shortly after receiving a long awaited feature on StanceWorks, Keith’s build thread popped back up to the top of the forums as he continued tinkering and perfecting his already beautiful Volvo Amazon. The fabrication of new mounts and some careful trimming brought the car down an inch lower to tuck in the new set of American Racing Salt Flats. A pair of Viair compressors framed the new polished 5 gallon air tank and trunk install while a new coat of paint and a collection of polished and painted engine parts completed the presentation under the hood. Keith’s continued dedication left me wishing I could feature his car yet again despite its recent presence on the StanceWorks homepage. Fortunately, Tyler Holbrook has given me the perfect excuse to grace the StanceWorks pages with Keith’s Volvo one more time. Tyler has put together a great video of the Volvo Amazon in action, scraping through city streets and gleaming in the evening sun. Take a moment to sit back and enjoy.



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