“Adrenalin – The BMW Touring Car Story” by Stereoscreen

In perhaps the only video we’ve been more anxious for than the long-awaited release of “32 Hours 7 Minutes,” the team at Stereoscreen has produced “Adrenaline – The BMW Touring Car Story.” Yesterday, the latest trailer for the upcoming movie landed on Vimeo, and we have to say, we couldn’t possibly me more excited.

The film takes a look at BMW’s charismatic drivers and fascinating racing cars from five decades. “Times were changing rapidly from the drifting touring cars in the 60s to the victories of the BMW M4 in the highly sophisticated new DTM. The legends behind the wheel tell their stories from the cockpit view and let the golden era of touring car racing come alive again.”  If the sight and scream of CSLs, 320i Turbos, and 2002s, as well as everything up to today’s champion M3s doesn’t get you going, we don’t know what will.


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