Air Lift Performance – Air Vs. Coilovers

The debate between air suspension versus coilover suspension has been a popular one for quite some time. Arguments for style, safety, utility, and practicality all flare up regularly, and bounce back and forth unsurprisingly. However, it’s the argument of function and performance that stands above all others, and while few are prepared to argue that purpose-built racing suspension will be outshined by air struts, Air Lift Performance has put together a video pitting their best against your typical coilover system.


Air Lift’s own description is as follows: At Carolina Motorsports Park we loaded up 3 very different cars with 2 different suspensions and one very qualified third party driver. Our mission was to do back to back tests on statically lowered suspension, swap in Air Lift Performance suspension and hit the track again.

To test all aspects of the 2 different suspensions we performed three separate tests: a 200 ft skid pad, 100 ft slalom, and a 2.3 mile road course. We gathered all the data and figured up the averages of each run with each vehicle on the different suspensions. All that remains are the cold hard facts.”

Take from it what you will – in any case, we’re excited to see the outcome. Anyone else up for doing a comparison? What do you think of the results?



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