HRE Wheels: The Birth of the Vintage Series

The heritage and staying power of a company are only gained through experience; gaining experience is only done by withstanding the test of time. Credibility and prowess are not gained overnight; instead they are earned. HRE Wheels has been around since 1979, and their decades of truth in engineering has cemented them as a leader in the wheel industry and as an iconic name in the automotive aftermarket.

With history comes experience, and HRE has recognized where their roots began: wheels catered to the supercars each and every one of us grew up loving. Plastered to our bedroom walls and doodled on to our notebooks during class, these cars were our first taste of the automotive lifestyle we all embrace today. HRE’s wheels are an integral part of the iconic imagery, and today, they’ve announced a redesign of the wheels we’ve grown to idolize.

The birth of the Vintage Series is in essence a rebirth of the original HRE designs. Nearly all cars today are based on a lineage of successors, dating back decades, ranging from race-bred monsters to concours classics and everything in between. As the cars we grew up loving have evolved and shaped their way into the aluminum and carbon clad machines we know today, the wheels that moved them have grown as well. HRE wheels are an investment, engineered and built to last a lifetime, and their designs have aged as gracefully as the cars they’ve graced.

The modernization of the classic designs calls back to HRE’s heritage; staying true to the company’s roots and establishing the notion that a design that was born with the cars of a past generation should grow and mature with the cars themselves and grace the modern motors just as well.

The designs are based around wheels that are still coveted today, as they were by our fathers years ago. HRE’s ability to reflect upon its history and call back to its own designs is what allows them to make this step as a company, reinventing their classic styles with the same soul that will last forever. HRE’s sincere appreciation for where they’ve come from means they know that the unique sense of nostalgia felt towards their classic wheels is important to harness and fulfill with the Vintage Series.

The very hands that polished the 505s 25 years ago are polishing the Vintage series today. The construction of an HRE wheel is more than a manufacturing process, as each and every wheel HRE makes is finished and assembled by hand. Each wheel is considered an individual artistic piece, as the production process is an entirely hands-on procedure. Needless to say, it’s also done entirely in-house, right here in the United States of America. It is, in fact, the ultimate refinement of the wheelmakers’ art.

Here at STANCE|WORKS, we respect and value the history of the automotive world. It is, in all simplicity, the only reason we exist today; we owe credit to those who have forged the industry in to what we have now. From all facets of style and presence, we set out to team up with companies to shape the industry.

Our collaboration with HRE to bring the Vintage Series to life is a direct representation of our passion for the history and the growth of the automotive community. To see that passion recognized and for the project to come to fruition solidifies HRE as a like-minded group of enthusiasts with a direct mission to grow the industry in the right direction.


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