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  • It's not a complete bolt on kit, there's a guy (ricksrangerz) that makes the coil buckets, c notch, radius arm mounts, and trans cross member. Lots of grinding and drilling out heat rivets and frame mounts. His coil buckets are made for a couple different coilover setups but I went with a small qa1 coilover and swift spring, his other stuff is mostly for bagged trucks. The rest of it was fabrication and figuring out what would work. Basically I'd lower it, hit something, and have to cut or clearance and the process went on and on. For example the drive shaft hit the bed and fuel tank cross members and I cut the fuel tank cross member out and built a new bed cross member since I'm running a fuel cell now. I had someones help to figure out super beetle air shocks fit in the rear with different bushings. The wheels are 15x10 et -38 and tires are 195/50s.

    Untitled by Cole Hannah, on Flickr


    • Originally posted by hambler View Post
      New to the forum, I'd like to start a build thread for this so I figured I'd knock out one of my 5 posts here. 1974 Toyota Hilux, sitting on a custom chassis I designed and built, with the drivetrain from a 2013 Grand Sport corvette (dry sump ls3, which we then added an LSA blower to, z06 trans/diff/suspension/brakes). To make my life extra difficult, I'm doing it all without any sort of widebody so I had to narrow the front 13" and the back 15", and I want to have a fully functional bed (no fuel cell or anything like that mounted in it). Since this is stanceworks, I guess I should mention wheels: drag setup is a custom set of CCW classsics, I also have a set of 3 piece HRE's and a set of steel wheels for it. Hopefully finishing it and competing in drag week in a month.[ATTACH=CONFIG]20658[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]20659[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]20660[/ATTACH]
      Yaaaa, I'm gonna need to see a whole lot more of this please.


      • This is the rubbish thins about living in the UK... Not enough trucks damnit!

        Dont take life too seriously - you'll never get out alive.


        • Just came across this thread, thought I would join in the fun. This is my truck:

          86 toyota pickup with a 4/4 drop



          Custom interior


          Rebuilt 22RTE turbo engine

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          • 20200626_210859.jpg

            Here my 99 Silverado 4/6 drop with 22x9 Cragar SS. 265/35F and 265/40R
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                My bagged 68 c10. Living in the uk, some really nice motors on this thread..


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