Since I can remember, I have had a fascination with Porsche. It was instilled in me by my Grandfather's appreciation of them. I remember reading Porsche books on his lap as a child, I remember the countless L'Automobile magazines he used to read and I would just stare at the photos and I could not forget the Porsche motorsport books.

I remember collecting as many Porsche Hot Wheels cars as I could find, along with Volkswagen Beetles. There was something surreal about going into the Peterson Auto Museum and seeing the Sachs 935 K3 Porsche in it's livery.

It was always my dream to own a 1974 Porsche. People question the year, as it was the first year the Porsche's saw impact bumpers, K-Jetronic CIS Bosch fuel injection and my favorite, the aircooled 2.7 litre engine. The Carrera was always my favorite until the last few years where my appreciation for the narrow body Porsche's grew.

Just before the end of the year, I was looking through Craigslist for a later model Porsche, an 80's black Targa was always my second option as in Australia, the earlier Porsche's were always unobtainable. I stumbled across one from 1986 and quickly found myself on a classic auto dealers website from Palm Springs. It was on this website that I found a matching number 1974 Porsche 911S in Grand Prix White.

It wasn't long until Jennifer and I jumped in her Audi and made the drive out. I test drove the Porsche and fell in love instantly. The next week and a bit took forever, but on the 7th of January, I received my Porsche.

IMG_1976 by Sebastien Peek, on Flickr

IMG_1977 by Sebastien Peek, on Flickr

It was not long after that I parked her up at the back of the house and started to inspect my purchase just that more thoroughly. Having been garaged since 2003 and in a shop since 2014, the body was a lot cleaner than I expected. The interior door cards are a little worse for wear and the factory installed A/C system is not working.

IMG_2002 by Sebastien Peek, on Flickr

IMG_2004 by Sebastien Peek, on Flickr

I am very happy with my purchase and am just going to enjoy it for a bit. So that's what I did, Jennifer and I went for a decent cruise through the hills, down to Santa Monica and 3rd Street Promenade, through Sunset Bl and back home. It gave me the opportunity to give the Porsche a bit of a squirt and really gave me an idea of what I was dealing with.

IMG_2005 by Sebastien Peek, on Flickr

Driving something from the 70's again makes me realize how much I missed the mechanical-ness of these cars. Being able to feel every bump, hear every rock hit the steel wheel wells, hear the noise of induction, it makes driving this car that bit more surreal.

IMG_2006 by Sebastien Peek, on Flickr

I look forward to driving the Porsche as my daily for the foreseeable future. There are most definitely a few things that I need to sort out which are a little pressing but right now, I am just going to drive it.

IMG_2007 by Sebastien Peek, on Flickr

The first thing that I have already sorted is new oil, a Hayne's manual and a Fabspeed air box. The next big thing will be new tires, I'm thinking 205/50/15 Nitto NT05's all round. Hopefully I'll have that organized in the next two weeks as the current tires are from 2003.

I feel like I should dust off my camera and take some nicer photos once the weather here in Los Angeles clears up. But after four months without a car, damn it is nice to be back in one.