From the Reels – The Paris-Dakar Rally – GI Joe Productions

-October 27, 2020-

From the Reels – The Paris-Dakar Rally – GI Joe Productions

Mike Burroughs

The Paris-Dakar Rally, now known as the Dakar Rally, was created in 1978 when Frenchman Thierry Sabine lost his way in the Libyan desert on his motorcycle. From what he experienced, he decided to create motorsports' ultimate endurance race, which would stretch 6,000 miles from the Eiffel Tower in Paris to Dakar, Senegal. Sabine, the founder, coined the motto: "A challenge for those who go. A dream for those who stay behind." Today, it's the Dakar is heralded as one of the racing's most rigorous tests, and GI Joe Productions has assembled a tribute piece celebrating the wild early days. If you enjoy watching classic rally cars kick up dust, you're in for a treat. Even moreso if you're a fan of The Hives.


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