From The Reels – The French Ferrari Double Feature

“They don’t make them like they used to.” Or something like that. It goes for everything, including fantastic car videos. Today, we hit you with a double feature, because sometimes, one screaming Ferrari just isn’t enough. First on the list is an all-time great with an all-time great: French Formula One driver Jacques Lafitte is behind the wheel of a Ferrari F40 LM – in casual clothes no less – flogging it like few F40s are today. It’s perhaps one of the most enthralling clips of sound we’ve ever encountered… so turn your speakers up.


But as mentioned, one is simply not enough. There’s a better than not chance that as a car enthusiast, you’ve seen Claude Lelouch’s C’était un Rendezvous: a dawn hour sprint across Paris lasting a wild eight and a half minutes, with no regard for safety, what so ever. The sounds of Claude Lelouch’s Ferrari 275GTB are outright incredible, making for a video you’ll likely never forget.


And yes, we know. We’ll spoil the fun. Claude Lelouch’s video does feature authentic sounds from his Ferrari, but they’re dubbed in. The video was shot with a camera strapped to the front of his Mercedes-Benz 450SEL 6.9. But that doesn’t take away from just how wild of a drive it really is.


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