Bumper to Bumper with Donut Media – Riley Stair’s Protomachine Trans Am

Last week, we hauled Riley’s Trans Am up to Los Angeles for an afternoon with the team at Donut Media. With unparalleled quickness, they’ve turned the video around in just 6 days. How do they feel about it? Well, the description speaks volumes. “This is one of the wildest Trans Am builds ever. It has a full tube chassis, a Chevy LSX that revs up to 10,000 RPM, and makes over 1,000 horsepower. You may have seen this Pontiac a few years ago when it debuted at SEMA, but Riley, the mastermind behind this car, is still tinkering with it to this day. From The crazy engine to the THICC wheels, we’ll show you why this Trans Am one of the most cohesive and well-put-together builds we’ve seen!” You know the drill.



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