The Goodwood Festival of Speed 2019 – Part I – by Peter Aylward

So they say, spring is just around the corner, and following that, we arrive at the Goodwood Festival of Speed: an annual event that sets the bar automotive events, worldwide. Race cars from every corner of the globe, and of every specialty, take their shot at a hillclimb run up Lord March’s twisting and meandering driveway, now made famous by the event itself. From Formula One icons, to IMSA legends, and from rally icons to historic record-setters, the Goodwood Festival of Speed celebrates it all. The incredibly talented Peter Aylward – friend of StanceWorks and photograger extraordinaire – captured the incredible visuals of the event once again, treating us with what is inevitably an annual favorite set here at the SW HQ. Enjoy, stay tuned for Part II, and as always, be sure to check out more of Peter’s work and on Instagram at @PeterAylward.


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