Nitto Tire on the Trail – Episode 1 – Holcomb Valley, CA


Nitto has teamed up with their friends at Toyota USA to tackle some of the best off road terrain in Southern California. The Holcomb Valley trail system lies up in the mountains just across from Big Bear Lake and Big Bear mountain ski resort. Most people refer to this off road area as Big Bear, but it’s technically Holcomb Valley. This area has a deep history, established during the California Gold Rush era of 1860 and it quickly gave birth to a town of over 1500 people named Belleville. While no gold remains to be found up in Bellevile, you can find some gold out on the trails. Follow their off road route as they take you through the visitors center, around 3N16, and 2N09, and into some pretty technical trails like Little John Bull. All of their trucks featured Nitto Tires and they all did amazingly well, from stock form to a fully built overland spec Tacoma by Eibach North America. They walk you through everything you need to know to go off roading in the Big Bear mountains through the Holcomb Valley.


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