From The Reels – Bad Obsession Motorsports’ “Project Binky” Is Nearing Completion

Imagine yourself in grade school: you’re in your chair, and your desk it attached, and perhaps your feet are stuffed into the basket under your seat. You hear the creaking squeaking from down the hall, and then through the door comes a substitute teacher. In tow, she has the tall black rolling cart, and perched atop it is a CRT TV with a built-in VCR. You know immediately that it is bound to be the best day of the week, because instead of working, it’s movie time. Or, at worst, a half-hour with Bill Nye about the rain cycle, followed by a worksheet. The teacher is off galavanting across Colorado in his FJ60 with the StanceWorks Offroad Crew. Oh wait. That’s me, I’m on vacation. Anyway, if you’ve somehow missed the work by the boys at Bad Obsession Motorsport, now’s your chance to sink your teeth in. They’re nearing completion on their turbo Celica-powered AWD Mini, and even if neither of those machines pique your interest, the work at hand will. The boys serve as the ultimate inspiration for the DIYer with a desire to build something equally insane. And if you aren’t up to date, be prepared to sink a lot of time in: every episode is amazing.



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