From Render to Reality – Khyzyl Saleem’s 1992 Mazda FD RX7

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’re undoubtedly familiar with the digital work of Khyzyl Saleem, the artist that has made an incredible name for himself by creating out-of-this-world digital automotive renderings for the last number of years. We first introduced his work here on StanceWorks back at the beginning of 2015, more than four years ago, and since, Khyzyl has grown to become one of the biggest names in automotive media, with a jaw-dropping 437,000 followers on Instagram, all eager to see his daily content of photography and digital creations. Today, though, the tables turn, as we’re excited to introduce his latest real life creation: his 1992 FD RX7.

Counter  to much of the artwork he creates, the his RX7 embraces the idea and style of simplicity. While he does admit that he’s already designed and plans on producing a widebody kit for the car to compliment his “LTO” E30 kit, for now, he intends to enjoy the car as-is.

At its base, Khyzyl’s RX7 is a 1992 Efini model, which for the curious, was a Japanese sub-brand of Mazda created as a luxury division, akin to Acura for Honda’s American market. In truth, the car is simply a re-badged Mazda, but as an early model, Khyzyl set out immediately, upon acquiring the car, to find a genuine OEM ’99-spec rear spoiler, which he bought and imported from Vancouver.

To compliment the spoiler, Khyzyl has also fitted up a number of other exterior goodies. A URAS front splitter keeps the nose of the car clung to the ground, and Feed carbon skirts offer the same for the car’s sides. Rounding out the tail end is an R.E. Amemiya-style street-pro diffusuer, with an Evo-R rear ducktail and fogs rounding out the back end. Lastly, for bodywork, is an Origin Labs  carbon roof wing.

Under the hood is, of course, a twin-turbo 13B, as most would hope to find. The engine sports a large street port, and puts out right at 310 horses at the flywheel, more than enough to propel the sub-3,000lb car quickly.

Under the car, the custom work is kicked up a notch. In a collaborative build between Air Lift Performance and Intermotiv, the RX7 has been fitted with a one-off bag setup, giving the car its incredible stance. The bags and struts themselves were developed specifically for the project by Jonathan at Intermotiv in the UK, while the management itself Air Lift Performance’s latest 3P system, giving Khyzyl full control, and of course, allowing the RX7 to drive like the spirited sports car it is. Last but not least is the custom set of forged Fifteen52 Holeshot RSRs, one of Fifteen52’s latest in a motorsport-inspired line of wheels that help the RX7 hark to its  roots. Gold on red is a match made in heaven, and needless to say, the wheels complete the car’s look, and with their installation, have marked Khyzyl’s debut of his finished-for-now Mazda. That is, of course, until the next changes come…



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