The Race of Gentlemen – Santa Barbara, 2019

Hailing from the East Coast, the Race Of Gentlemen has graced our golden coast for a second time since its East Coast beginnings in 2008.

The rules are simple. Era Correct modifications only. Things like alternators, disks brakes or any sort of modern powertrain is strictly forbidden.  This is the kind of event where your neighbors pristine model A wouldn’t fit in.  Nothing but race ready, gritty machines and raw power.

This year they also had Customs by the Sea, a way for non-race oriented hot rods to be displayed. Cars like the undeniably sinister 1939 Lincoln Zephyr, a beautiful 1954 Mercury, to a drag-ready 1955 Corvette were on display.

Nothing but the smell of gasoline and burnt rubber surrounded me.  It was nothing short of harmonic.


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