A Venomous Bite – Seb Polit’s Dodge Viper GTS Coupe on the Streets of Poland

No matter your age, old or young, there’s something truly special about the Viper GTS coupe. Sure, it’s plagued by American details such as an entirely plastic interior and a Dodge namesake… but look at it. Listen to it. Is there anything cooler than a car that actively tries to kill you while you drive it? Exactly. Nevertheless, it’s been a few years since Sebastien Polit made his debut on the StanceWorks homepage with his ’95 E34 Touring. With its wide fenders, low-slung stance, and attention to detail, it set the bar for what a clean yet simple E34T can be. His return to the homepage operates in a similar way: it’s hard to improve upon the insanity of a bone-stock Dodge Viper; however, he’s planted it firmly on the ground, and paired it with a host of parts that truly sets it off. Without further rambling, enjoy this video put together by Roadmedia.



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