A Belgian Barn Find – Jens Lyphout’s 1969 Audi Super 90 Sedan

Photography by Mike Crawat

One look inside Jens Lyphout’s garage, and it’s clear that he’s a fan of classic Audis. With 3 Audi “oldtimers” at 23 years old, he’s wasted no time finding his passion for a rather niche car. It’s his 1969 Super 90 that has our attention today, though, and as he puts it, its a barn find of sorts. Clued into its existence by a fellow Audi lover, it was love at first sight after finding it in what many likely assumed to be its final resting place. It was covered in rust, filled with rust, and in need of lots of love.

Since acquiring it, the car has undergone a serious restoration, including a fresh coat of its original Savannah Beige paint. Under the hood is the original 1800cc engine – a Mercedes power plant – which keeps the old girl ticking along. Air ride suspension has replaced the original components to give the car a cushier ride, making for a more road-friendly machine.

Jens tells me the hardest part of the build was the rust repair. With the rot that had accumulated over the decades, fixing it was both a test of fabrication skill and the durability of the welder. After what seemed like miles of MIG work, the car has been returned to its former glory. Soon, Jens plans on starting another project: the restoration of his Audi 72. With a bit of luck, maybe we’ll get to see that one too.


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