Mark Morgan | Triplespresso – by Praemio

Our talented friends at Praemio regularly turn out some of the best content to be found in the automotive world. As filmmakers and automotive enthusiasts, their talents shine through, both visually and through unparalleled storytelling. Just over a month ago, the team dropped “Triplespresso” – the compelling story of a few Porsche cup cars…


U.K. Illustrator Mark Morgan discovers a way to combine his colorful passion for Porsche Heritage, design and coffee with his career as a whiteboard illustrator through his design imprint, Triplespresso.

From a young age, Mark way of expressing his love for cars was to draw them. After his father taught him how to draw in perspective and with encouragement from his teachers he decided to attend art school.

For 10 years he’s worked as an illustrator helping corporate clients bring to life their ideas as they dictate what needs to be drawn. The live whiteboard art may be a niche market, but Mark says it is always amazing how clients respond to the work coming to life before their eyes.

After acquiring a Porsche 912, he began to work to combine his love for cars with his passion for art. Creating colorful posters and t-shirts that garnished attention from magazines and events, he then accidentally stumbled upon the reactions of drawing other people’s cars on coffee cups.

Using this to stay visible, Mark then set his aim on an ambitious project to create a live history of Porsche at the Luftgekühlt event in California, which was a huge success and now resides with Porsche Classic in Atlanta.

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