Aesthetics – 1982 IMSA GT Fox-Body Ford Mustang #01

I distinctly remember saying to myself, sometime in high school, that I’d never understand how anyone could like the Fox Body Mustang. Both its predecessors and successors seemed to have something to offer, but how anyone could choose the boxy fox as their favorite was comletely beyond me. Somehow though, many years later, the Fox has inexplicably earned a special place in my heart – truly and wholly – as one of my favorites, period. From the Zakspeed race monsters to the wild and rare M81 McLarens, and from the DTM variant to the classic redneck cruiser, the Fox Body has experienced a little bit of everything. Each year at the Rolex historics, this particular one catches my eye. Following its nasty wreck a few years back, I was glad to see it returned to its former glory, and took the opportunity to capture it before the evening light disappeared completely.


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