The Daily Grind – Recurring Themes

At some point, we have to be honest with ourselves and admit that the “Daily Grind” is becoming synonymous with “we bought more cars.” Each update consists of new additions, and each article jokes about this continuing trend… and today, it’s no different. We’ve done it again, and realistically, we might need adult supervision, or perhaps an intervention. While we can say, with pride, that one car has left the StanceWorks garage since our last post, two have taken its place, much like some automotive Hydra gone awry. And while it’d be nice to suggest that we’re reveling in success, each new addition to the StanceWorks garage seems to be cheaper, older, and less complete than the last… but we wouldn’t take it any other way.

Much like a “Crazy Cat Lady” finding yet another stray on her doorstep, when a serious deal arises, as responsible automotive enthusiasts, we must take them in with open arms. Andrew’s latest acquisition is a 1969 Morris Mini, pulled from a barn way out near Lancaster, California. Once a restoration project, and then the product of a lien sale, the rolling shell was in dire need of someone to make it whole again. With his other mini project underway and completely disassembled, the leftover parts make for the perfect stockpile needed to resurrect his newest purchase. In what we hope will be a very short while, this once-loved Mini can hit the road again as the ultimate driver’s car.

I managed to sell a car – the first in some time – just last week.  If you want to sell your car as well, you can quickly do so online with the range of sites available. The bronzit donor car we shared in our last update had its guts ripped out and replaced, and after a bit of a shakedown, the car was driven all the way to Cleveland, Ohio, by its new owner, Brandon Chasin. Aside from the expected hurdles of driving a 30-year-old car across the country, it made the trip trouble-free, and thankfully, without breaking down.


The sale, of course, helped to make room for my own addition to the collection, and it should come as no surprise: yet another E28. This one, an ’84 533i, was bought locally, in need of some TLC but in wonderfully solid shape overall. The plan: a modest weekend canyon and track car, complete with all of the fixings to help it crush corners while maintaining some creature comforts, like air conditioning, to keep it livable. I’ve partnered with H&R Springs once again, so rest assured, there’s plenty more to come.


And if that weren’t enough, there’s another project on the way. For content’s sake, though, we’ll save that one for next time.




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