The 2016 Silverstone Classic through the Lens of Peter Aylward – Part I


Our friend, the incredibly talented Peter Aylward, attended the 2016 Silverstone Classic on StanceWorks’ behalf. As a motorsports photographer, there are few better places to be than trackside, and with such an exciting field of cars, it might be said that there are few better races, period. With a weekend of shooting behind him, the result is nothing short of a truly spectacular display of racing history, heritage, and prowess, all captured through a talented set of eyes. With a staggering 40 photos below, we’re excited to share just the first half of Peter’s impressive collection of imagery taken from the event. Stay tuned for the second half next week. As always, if you’re a fan of his work, be sure to follow him through Instagram and Twitter: @Peteraylward. You can find him on facebook as well: Peteraylwardphoto.










































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