Aesthetics – A 1977 HJ45 Toyota LandCruiser by Dylan Flynn

We’ve watched over the past few years as values in the classic car market soar. What were once affordable Porsches are now backup retirement investments, and even the bottom-of-the-barrel Bimmers are fetching several times what they were just a few short years ago. Rapid inflation has struck the classic car market, for better or for worse, and we’re merely along for the ride. Unfortunately, us car guys aren’t alone; classic trucks are worth more than ever. Land Cruisers, in particular, are seeing astounding numbers at auctions. For some fans of the marque, there’s no better option than a 45-series truck – the pickup-version of the iconic 40-series hardtops. This particular example, photographed by the talented Dylan Flynn, showcases much of the draw behind an HJ45, from its utilitarian features to its brutalist design.




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