Hoonigan Club Days – BMWs Invade the Donut Garage

This past weekend, the Hoonigan team opened their doors to Southern California’s classic BMW enthusiasts. As their second run at their newly-established “Hoonigan Club Days,” each event caters to a new marque and niche. This time, they welcomed out everyone with an affinity for roundels and burnouts. Unable to let such a Saturday slip by, we went to Long Beach and joined in on the fun.

The Hoonigan lot was filled with classics, ranging from icons like the E9 CSL and an Alpina 2002, to grassroots builds, such as a 2.7 stroker E30 rat and CJ David’s “ODB” E24. Interspersed between the cars were faces, both old and new. The Collector and his gang brought along some familiar favorites, while the renowned Coupe King ensured that the event wasn’t without legendary steel (and aluminum.) A few modern M cars squeezed their way in to fill the gaps, making for a field of cars that was sure to satisfy any BMW fan.

No day spent at the Hoonigan compound is complete without burnt rubber, and Rob “Chair Slayer” Parsons lead the way in his Nissan 180sx. His tire destruction left us all bewildered, putting up an act that was all but impossible to follow. Still, a few others hopped behind the wheel and gave it a shot. Erik, the Coupe King himself, was kind enough to toss me the keys to their E30 shop car to give it a go of my own. After a burnout and a few donuts, I felt right at home.

The fun didn’t stop in the parking lot itself, however. Inside was pizza, ping pong, racing simulators, and more. The crowd brought together by the Hoonigans was welcoming and equally enthusiastic. If there was any way to spend a Saturday, this was it. Even though we’re BMW guys, we’ll be that the next Hoonigan Club day, and we hope you will be too. Thanks to Blake Adams for the photos! Follow him on Instagram: @Blake_adams36



















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