Aesthetics : Tom Price’s 1963 Ferrari 250GT0 Berlinetta

There’s a breed of racer out that that holds no reverence for the auction block values of cars. Instead, they strap into the harnessed seats of legendary race cars, bent on competition and the exhilaration that comes from the throaty roar of the vintage machines. Ferrari GTOs are one of the rarest cars out there, and since the 70s, their values have been rising. With values now into the tens of millions, it’s awe inspiring to still see them out on track in their natural habitat. With the driver grasping the big wooden steering wheel and guiding the narrow tires around each apex, one finds themselves thankful that there are still owners out there who are able to look beyond the concours greens and monetary figures to recognize the true value in these old homologation GT cars. Tom Price’s 1963 Ferrari 250GTO Berlinetta sat on grid, waiting for its turn at the Laguna Seca race course, so I rushed with my camera to capture a few images before the green flag dropped.


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