StanceWorks Wallpaper – Rodney Nichols’s Mercedes Benz 190e

As we grow older, life tends to impede upon our hobbies. It’s been years since the entire StanceWorks family had their cars all together, in one place, and running too. H2Oi 2012 was a special year for many reasons, but it was made all the more so by the fact that most of the group had their cars in attendance. Rodney Nichols’s 190E has since gone under the knife, where it awaits a new driveline (we hope!). For this week’s desktop wallpaper, we look back on his gorgeous example of a W201, and wait for its return.

For more of Rodney’s 190E, be sure to check out his feature by clicking here. To save the desktop wallpaper in full-res, simply right-click and save-as.


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