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It seems rare that a Daily Grind update offers a chance to share so much, but a lot has happened at the StanceWorks HQ since our last report. From new parts and new art, to new cars, both big and small, we’ve been having fun this summer.

Easily the most exciting update is the announcement of the latest Lowly Gentlemen art print. Hand drawn by Andrew once again, the latest limited-number print features a draft drawing of Mercedes’ famous Sauber C9 prototype race car. They have been screenprinted onto French Paper Company’s newest Kraft-tone paper, offering a texture to both the ink and stock, making for what is perhaps our favorite print yet. They will be available on the Lowly Gentlemen web store Friday at noon.

Also new is the wheel and suspension install on Emily’s 128i. Wanting to lower the car and improve the ride, there was no better answer than fitting the car with H&R coilovers and swaybars. After a quick and simple install, the nimble car has been made moreso, and needing a set of wheels to compliment the new drop, Emily sourced a set of Floss Design-finished BBS Impuls. Her E82 now has a serious presence, without sacrificing comfort or ride quality.

Adding to the collection of “new cars” at the SW HQ, our friends at HPI set us up with a few E30 M3 RC bodies, which we have since painted and plastered in classic racing liveries from the DTM era. We’ll be fitting them with appropriate running gear soon, with an article to match. RC hobbyists and racing fanatics alike are sure to enjoy the upcoming content, and in time, we hope to get our readers involved in painting cars of their own.

The SW stable continues to grow, this time with Andrew’s latest acquisition: a 1987 Dodge Raider, better known as a Mitsubishi Montero. With the 4×4 bug having made home in the shop, it was only a matter of time before Andrew joined in. This particular example is just about as clean as they come: from a rebuilt motor and a suspension overhaul, to fresh paint and records tallying into the tens of thousands, this truck was clearly loved, and will continue to be for quite some time.

The StanceWorks FJ62, a project of my own, has been put to use as well. After a successful outing over Cleghorn Ridge, it’s clear I won’t be able to push the truck aside any time soon. Thanks to our friends at ARB, a freight truck dropped off a new brush guard/front bumper and the acclaimed Old Man Emu 3″ lift kit. After serious research, it seems there’s no better option for Land Cruisers, and with our vast experience in automotive suspensions, we know the importance of doing things correctly, right off the bat.

To go along, our friends at Viair and Wurton have supplied trail lights for the new bumper setup, and the 2on2 On Board Air system to allow trailside tire inflation, as well as control over air tools and air lockers in the future.

Needless to say, you’ll be seeing Andrew and I on the trail in short order, with content to match. For our truck fans, keep an eye out, as we’ll soon be installing some parts and putting them to work in an afternoon outdoors.





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