Edafe’s Z in Effect.

With the recent release of our Zero Clearance Coilovers for the 350Z/G35, we couldn’t be more excited to post AWOL’s latest piece.

Once again, Edafe’s car exhibits our suspension systems to their utmost abilities… Yeah, that’s right… in this video, Edafe’s car is on our coilovers… not bags.

We’re sad everyone can’t ride in the car, because even at these heights, the ride quality is the best, bar-none.

Enough with the raving, check out the video. AWOL has done a top notch job.

For the full segement, click on the link below:

AWOL E3S2 Profile: Edafe’s 350Z from AWOL

For those interested in purchasing 1 of the 20 Zero Clearance systems, place your order here:

Z33 350/G35 Zero Clearance Suspension


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