Returning to H2Oi – Greg’s Volvo 142 Desktop Wallpaper

With the last day of Summer drawing to an end, many of us are preparing for the trip to Ocean City Maryland for H2o International. Whether you’re making last minute adjustments to your car, or packing up for the weekend of festivities, this is the week that we all look forward to each year. As you make your way down to Ocean City, we remind you to travel safely and we ask that everyone treat their fellow enthusiasts and the city that hosts us each year with the utmost respect. One of the best automotive weekends lies at the end of this work week, so wrap up the finishing touches on your car, give it a good cleaning, and remain calm while you wait to clock out before vacation.


Before I embark on my trip out to H2oi, I’ll leave you with another StanceWorks desktop wallpaper. We came across Greg’s Volvo 142 (Feature) while wandering the aisles of a get together, and we instantly fell in love. So, ‘right click save-as’ the image below to download a 2880x1800px wallpaper to outfit your computer in fall colors.

stanceworks volvo 142 desktop wallpaper h2oi


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