Until the Summer – Felix Poirier’s Bagged BMW E46 Coupe

Almost all of North America is bundled up inside, waiting for the “polar vortex” to subside, the newfound layer of permafrost to dissipate, and the 2014 ice age to end. On the other hand, us Southern Californians are enjoying breezy days with highs in the mid-80s. The sun is shining, the shop doors are wide open at the S|W HQ, and life’s good. For everyone else, however, the long wait is on as the winter season does its best to kill off automotive enthusiasm entirely. The luckiest of cars are tucked away in garages until spring returns, while those less fortunate are relegated to driving duty and “winter mode.” It’s the off season, but my mother has always said – “The best part about going away is coming home.” Before we know it, we’ll find ourselves gathering in parking lots once again, talking shop, shooting photos, and doing what we all love most. The winter is a blessing in disguise, leaving us to wait in anticipation to see our friends once again.

The show season is a long one, stretching through most of Spring, Summer, and Autumn, at least for most of us. Some of us are lucky, and the shows continue year-round, and others are stuck with a slim window – perhaps just summer – to bring their cars out to share. H2Oi is often the close of the season for many; it’s the hail mary, the grand finale. For us, it’s our last chance of the year to see our friends from both near and far. It’s our chance to shoot the shit with friends we sometimes see once a year, yet somehow, the conversations pick up as though they left off just a day prior. H2Oi is filled with events and shows, but its often the sporadic schedule of photo shoots that gives us time to catch up with one another.

It was our photoshoot with Felix Poirier’s E46, and of course the inclusion of Felix himself, that gave us a chance to catch up with our Canadian friends and counterparts.  The gang, which was a mix-mash of friends from Whips & Chocolate, Royal Flush, and others, made the trip to H2Oi from Quebec, Canada. For them, the season is short but sweet, and H2Oi serves the same special purpose. We gathered around Felix’s beautiful car to swap shop stories under the Ocean City sun.

Between the snippets of conversation, Andrew and I circled around the coupe. The fully-polished 17×9.5 and 17×10.5 Autostrada Modenas contrast the Mercedes Benz Steel Grey paint, and the custom Universal/Bagyard Air system snugs the wheels into the custom widened arches perfectly. As a package, Felix’s car borders the line between aggressive and understated. From custom bodywork and paint, to one-off suspension and unique wheels with a personal touch, Felix’s car hits almost every item on the list, yet somehow confines itself to an impressive state of reservation.

Felix’s car, while impressive it its own right, serves as the perfect excuse for friends near and far to gather at events like this. His car serves as an anchor for which we base our excitement for the show season to come. For those of you stuck in the cold, the warmth is just around the corner. It’s only a few months before the snow melts off and we’ll all be opening our garage doors to hit the road for the first shows of the season. Old friendships will be rekindled over lines of showcars and throughout local get togethers. Until then, stay warm and keep dreaming of those sunny summer days spent cruising the strip.




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