World Unveiling: The BMW M4 Coupe Concept

The BMW M4 Concept- Today at Pebble Beach, near Monterey, California, BMW of North America pulled back the silver satin veil that covered one of the biggest changes to hit the company in recent years. Before the all-new 4-series has even hit dealerships, BMW has announced and revealed the concept behind BMW Motorsport’s latest creation – the M4. While the namesake alone is causing commotion amongst diehard fans and 3-series enthusiasts, one thing is certain: the M4 is a truly astounding piece of machinery.

bmw m4 coupe yellow


bmw m4 concept pebble beach



Aside from the aesthetics, little is known about the all new Motorsport-bred coupe. As is par for the course with concept cars, the powerplant is still under lockdown, as are most of the technical specs. However, the lines, details, and styling of the car all point very closely to how we expect the final production model to look. Under the electric I-cant-tell-if-that’s-yellow-or-if-that’s-green paint lies an aggressive, sleek, and impressive counterpart to the 4-series coupe. We’re eager to see more as BMW releases details, but until then, you know as much as we do. How do you like the M4 Concept? We’re in love already.

Bmw m4 concept taillights


BMW m4 concept mirrors

bmw m4 concept coupe

bmw m4 concept coupe headlights

new bmw m4 concept coupe wheels


bmw m4 concept unveiling

bmw m4 concept coupe exhaust tips

bmw m4 concept coupe brakes

bmw m4 concept front

bmw m4 coupe roof



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