Tuerck’d: Opposite Controls Tandem Drift Battle!

We’re ecstatic to premiere the latest episode of Tuerck’d, Ryan Tuerck’s rapidly-growing online drift web series. This time around, Drift Alliance brothers Tony Angelo, Chris Forsberg, and Vaughn Gittin Jr all join in for a door-to-door round of “Opposite Controls,” a game in which the controls are split between driver and passenger. Catch it first here on StanceWorks.


The crew at Network A, one of the names behind the Tuerck’d series, gave StanceWorks the opportunity to premiere the newest episode here on StanceWorks. While many have had the chance to watch Tuerck’d from the beginning, we wanted to fill in the rest of our audience on some of the ideas that make Tuerck’d so fun. We asked the man himself some questions about the Tuerck’d Series and his future drift antics!

STANCE|WORKS: Tell us a bit about where the idea behind the Tuerck’d series came from? 

Ryan Tuerck: Tuerck’d as a word has progressed into a verb. It started when friends would complain that I was interrupting plans, or for lack of a better term, “Screwing them over.” It’s all quite light hearted and comedic when referring to getting Tuerck’d these days. As for the show, I’ve had many ideas in my head for off-track, non-competition style videos for a long time. My manager and I pitched my ideas to Network A and they were pumped. They gave us the green light, so we got a good friend Andy Laputka from Shoot First Media to come on board to film and we were ready to go.

S|W: What do you hope to achieve with the Tuerck’d series? Where do you see it going in the long run? Planning on keeping this up? 

RT: I hope to achieve a killer series that fills a void in motorsports of just racing and competition videos to show how much fun you can have with friends and cars. I’m not sure where it will go in the long run, I’m just focusing on making awesome content that my fans and Tuerck’d fans will be pumped to come watch every Tuesday on Network A. I definitely plan on keeping it up as long as I can continue to come up with cool ideas and content for the viewers.

S|W: We’re all watching you have fun for a living – what would you say, or rather, what advice would you give to the younger crowd who wants to follow in your foot steps? 

RT: I would say the biggest thing of course is to keep it Fun and Safe. Most of the stuff I do is very calculated from years of experience and driving. Haha, that sounds so boring. Just keep it fun. Try not to set your expectations too unrealistically. I always keep my goals within arms reach, or close to it, and that has made my entire motorsports experience awesome!

S|W: It’s great to see the camaraderie between you and the fellow Drift Alliance members – Tell us a bit more about how DA began, and how it has evolved up until now? 

RT: This question could take hours to answer with a lot of words. We all for the most part started drifting together. Right after the four of us had the basic drifting techniques down is when we all met, Coincidence I guess. Chris [Forsberg] and Tony [Angelo] grew up together. Vaughn was from Maryland and I’m from New Hampshire so we all met at the local Club Loose drift events at Raceway Park in Englishtown, NJ. They were holding events once a month and we all made the effort to hit every one of them throughout the summer in 2003. We all had a common goal in mind and that was what made us such great friends throughout all these years. The rest is kind of history.

S|W: You’re only a bit in to your second season so far, but what has been your favorite episode/stunt? 

RT: I’d love to tell you but I’m not done filming the second season yet so there are plenty of new experiences, stunts, and opportunities to be had. I’ll have to sit on this question for now.

S|W: Any exclusive details as to what we might be able to expect in the coming episodes? 

RT: I’d just expect a lot of laughs and generally a great time. Beyond the stunts and challenges, this year I’ll be bringing the viewers some really awesome footage from my experiences overseas and seeing what kind of trouble I can get myself into with friends.


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