Bag Riders Returns With Their Bagged E92 335i

There’s no question that Bag Riders has positioned themselves as the go-to for air suspension, moving the air buying experience forward by leaps and bounds. In their mindset of always moving forward, the crew at Bag Riders is known for their unique builds such as their wood-grain Honda Odyssey or their bagged Subaru STi. It comes as no surprise that this time, they’ve brought out what we consider to be an entirely unique example of the E92 chassis.

With the launch of BMW’s latest F30 3-series chassis, the E92 is officially “old news.” What still seems like a brand new car in our own mind, the successor to the E46 is eclipsed by the latest styling BMW has to offer. The upshot, however, is that over the lifespan of the E92, a sound aftermarket has been built for the chassis, covering all aspects from performance to styling, and everything in between.  A number of body kits serve as solutions for a more agressive approach to the already edgy styling, and performance options are far from limited.

As such, Will Fisher has put quite a bit of work into the now-old gal. With much of the intercooling, charge, and intake system replaced, and a full exhaust to allow the car to breathe, the obvious next step was to plant the car on the ground. A set of custom Air Lift Performance fully threaded McPherson struts with Bag Riders machined bottom mounts and hybrid camber plates allow the front arches to hug the front tires. Out back, a set of sleeve bags called for massaging of the rear fenders in order to mate them to the VIP Modular VX-S110 wheels. A 3-gallon tank with an Air-Zenith OB2 Compressor and Accuair E-Level management allow the system to function just as Will intended.

The wheels themselves measure 18×10 et17 in the front and 18×12 ET21 in the rear, wrapped in 225/40 and 255/35 tires, stretched just enough to keep clearances in check. Fully polished lips paired with brushed and cleared centers fit the monochromatic theme of the car, accentuating the build in the name of simplicity.

Inside the car, Will has installed an AutoPower bolt-in roll bar, powdercoated crinkle black to blend nicely with the interior’s trimmings. A pair of Status Ring GT seats have replaced the factory counterparts. Wrapped in alcantara and diamond stitching, the mating of performance and luxury compliments the 335 rather nicely. In conjunction with the seats, an alcantara BMW Performance steering wheel was fitted for the perfect combination.


The body is left mostly untouched outside of the arches. While many opt for lips, splitters, and bumpers to change the styling of the car into a pseudo race car, Will aimed to keep the car’s lines clean and elegant. No side skirts, diffusers, or spoilers here; Will’s 335 is minimalist, yet that’s all it needs.

The Bag Riders E92 goes to show that as the StanceWorks sponsors work in unison, their offerings bring everything needed to build a beautiful car to the table. While Will’s car is undoubtedly not the first bagged E92, it’s certainly one of the few, and the combination of parts used has built one unique and simply executed 335.


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