Stay True to Our Roots – Ben Clarke’s 1962 Impala

-Words by Mike Burroughs-

The lowrider community has been one that we at STANCE|WORKS have admired from afar for quite some time. It is, after all, where the mindset of “low is a lifestyle” truly began. It is, without question, one of the most in-depth and involved niches of automotive society. Lowriders have led way to an entire subculture, and is, as a whole, one of the few styles born right here in America. Yet somehow this particular one has found itself on the opposite side of the world in Australia.

Ben Clarke’s 1962 Impala keeps a very simple and traditional style about it; a counterpart in many ways to Mister Cartoon’s internationally known collection. The glossy all-white paint compliments the sparkling chrome trim in a classy and understated way, leaving metallic flake, panels, and fades to the boys back in Southern California. However, the wire wheels and thin white walls are right at home, ensuring there’s no mistake made by passers by that this is indeed a lowrider.

Somewhat unexpected is the choice of suspension setups. The history books state that the only true lowriders have hydraulic suspension, however, Ben forced to go with Air. Strict Australian law prevents hydraulics from being street legal in any way. While he won’t be “dancing” and bouncing down Main Street, the classic and unmistakable “nose up” lowrider stance has been achieved. The tail of the car hovers just inches above the ground… and best of all, Ben has neither heavy batteries nor hydraulic oil to worry about.

Inside the Impala is a gorgeous leather interior, kept clean and tidy, with the color accentuating the stark white exterior perfectly. Falling somewhere near a turquoise, it’s a reminder that interiors just aren’t the way they used to be: A modern white-over-turquoise Impala could only be owned by a basketball star… yet somehow I can’t say I’d choose anything else for this particular ’62.

Ben’s Impala is hopefully one of the first of many lowriders to come. As STANCE|WORKS expands and the community grows, we find ourselves more and more eager to redefine what SW means and represents, and we can only hope to capture what is , in our eyes, one of the most important, innovative, and inspirational parts of automotive history.



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