McLaren of Beverly Hills

Since our relocation to Southern California, we’ve found that our concentration of efforts has led us to some unexpected places. Most recently we were invited to the opening of McLaren of Beverly Hills.

While none of us here at StanceWorks are in a position to own the new MP4-12C, it was a pleasure to be invited by eGarage to the launch, where we mingled amongst countless millionaires and celebrities alike. To be included in such an affair establishes our ever-growing position in the automotive industry. We’ve kicked it up a gear and it is satisfying to know we’re taken seriously.

The MP4-12C was a sight to be seen, with lines that fit my childhood ideals of a supercar to a T. The car possesses technology that shadows nearly everything else on the road, it’s a car we’ll lust after for quite some time. With 592hp, 2868lbs, and a 7-speed “seamless shift” gearbox, it’s no surprise that this car is leaving everything else in the dust.

Known for their racing heritage, and simply due to the fact that the MP4 is derived directly from Formula One technology, McLaren brought out Raikkonen’s 2006 F1 car. The opportunity to enjoy the car up close and personal was the highlight of the party for me. But if parking a Formula One race car in the showroom wasn’t enough, McLaren also brought in Jay Leno and the current owner of McLaren to both speak their part.

The party itself was excellent and extravagant in typical Beverly Hills fashion. Colorful lighting and Cirque-Du-Soleil style aerial acrobats, a live DJ and even a drummer of sorts. A red carpet and a paparazzi stood outside of the entrance in hopes of catching the faces we all find familiar.

It was one hell of a way to open a dealership, something you probably won’t find at your local Kia. Credit to McLaren for staying true to their roots with their latest creation, and I know I am not the only one patiently waiting for the successor to the world-dominating McLaren F1. We’ll have to see. Maybe in the next few years?


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