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Words by Nigel Petrie

When Daniel asked me to do a write up on my build we both agreed that the usual parts list just wasn’t going to cut it. Sure I could rattle of the parts that make this vehicle functional but this build is more than that and I will try and give you an insight into my life and how this build became what you see before you.

I’m a 28 year old qualified “fitter and turner,” whose day job consists of building prototype vehicles for ford, but it’s the time after I clock off that really matters.

Since my motocross days in high school, I moved on to 4 wheels and a lot of defining things happened. My first car was an Escort RS2000 Coupe that I bought at the tender age of 15. The rally heritage of that car opened my eyes to the world of sideways. Since then I have devoted a lot of my life to the art of drifting and the cars associated with the sport. I have been bound tightly by the grip of the S chassis. Those that have owned one (or 7 in my case) will attest to the versatility and possibilities these cars have from a driving and modifying point of view.

As much as I love the S chassis (and still do) I felt confined by it. I had already built my dream S13 and 180SX but I had something very different in mind for 2011. The idea started some 5 years ago. I built a bagged Hilux and fell in love with the shape, simplicity and overall style that a low truck can give. I decided to mash my two loves together and see where it would take me.

The idea was simple; a well styled, subtle, full tube frame, flat floor, light, S15 running gear, wheelbase of a JZX100, and low….. like really low.

Eight months on from picking up the cab, I have built a complete rolling chassis from scratch in a one-car garage. Eight months ago I couldn’t TIG weld properly; I did not know the first thing about bending tube; notching was a myth and if you told me I’d be standing here looking at what I had accomplished then, I would have laughed at you.

You see a build like this gives far more back than it takes. The skills, ideas, lessons and knowledge earned make it all worthwhile. Do not ever think you can’t build something because anything can be achieved, if you have the determination, idea and passion. You will always come across hurdles that will test your patience, but you have to see these as mere tests in order to understand how much you want the final outcome.

To see the tube come from its raw state be bent, notched, TIG welded and pieced together into the art form before you with your own two hands is an amazing feeling. I hope that this feeling drives me through the rest of the build into the final stages and then out onto the tarmac where all this work will come together. Drifting is my freedom; the feeling can’t be described and the love I have for the sport is immense.

I am not building this truck to be more competitive; I am building it to enrich my life, make my days on this planet mean more to me, make my dreams become reality and have something that I will forever cherish and look back on. Waking up in the morning is easier. It’s the excitement of knocking off work and adding another piece to your puzzle. No matter how small each days progression is, it all adds up. I try and get at least one job done every day.

I am really happy that Daniel could do this feature for me. I, like most Stanceworks family members, embrace all styles of automotive culture; be it rods, Hondas, euros, drift cars or bikes. They all hold a special place in this automotive era. There’s so many trends and styles in the world at the moment and the internet brings them all into your living room. Our generation has so much inspiration from all around the world, it’s hard to pick your own style. So go with your heart, make your own contribution and enjoy your automotive lifestyle; I know I am.

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