Hellaflush Japan 2011

-October 5, 2011-

Hellaflush Japan 2011

Ben Terry

Last Saturday Fatlace hosted their first ever Japanese Hellaflush event at Fuji Speedway. There was a huge range of cars and styles, it was truly amazing too see them all together in one place.

I arrived pretty late in the day so I spent my time in a mad rush trying to catch a glimpse of all the cars before they left. Even though I was in a hurry I managed to get a lot of pics, so here are a few examples to show the quality and diversity of the cars on the day.

This firetruck styled Carina wagon won one of the awards and was a crowd favorite.

I didn't get any pics of him but the owner even came dressed as a fireman.


You don't see these at many stance events...


There were heaps of stickerbombed cars. This was one of the better examples.



hellaflush-japan-2011-by-lozzz-103 hellaflush-japan-2011-by-lozzz-102

So fresh, so clean!

hellaflush-japan-2011-by-lozzz-213 hellaflush-japan-2011-by-lozzz-152 hellaflush-japan-2011-by-lozzz-93 hellaflush-japan-2011-by-lozzz-137 hellaflush-japan-2011-by-lozzz-96 hellaflush-japan-2011-by-lozzz-100 hellaflush-japan-2011-by-lozzz-216 hellaflush-japan-2011-by-lozzz-193

I'll finish up with some StanceWorks love from Japan!


For those interested I'll put the rest of the pics I took up on my seldomly used blog www.lozzz.com shortly.