Late Nights: Marilynn’s M45

Since Fluid MotorUnion is one big family, it only makes sense that Fluid’s loving mother, Marilynn, drives a car gnarlier than your own.


Marilynn’s M45 has been a long term project, one that took quite some time to perfect. Number one on the agenda was the fitment and ride height. It sits on air and has had the fenders yanked to the point of perfection. It took several attempts and even more re-sprays before the fenders would hug over the tires without buckling or cracking.

Number two, as always, was a signature Fluid exhaust. The car has a nasty growl and wonderful tone that leaves you smiling as it passes. It’s got the usual Fluid treatments of custom-fabbed excellence, from headers to the intake and ported manifold, AP racing brakes, and even Nitrous.

So let’s just say it’s not your normal mom’s car. I think it’s time to step my own game up and get my mother in to a bagged E38.



Words by: Jav Cortes Photos by: Enrique Vazquez Vidal of Konzept:Euro Media What we have here is a special report. I say “special” because apart

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